Wednesday, April 28, 2010

just so you know.....

ok so i dont know how to word this.. (and its not that big of a deal..) But i am "selling" cakes... I will make you a cake if you want one... You need cake? i will make it! 

my charging "rates" are completely dependent on what you would like for the cake... fondant cakes are a smidge more expensive (not by much though, like a couple of bucks) because they are a bit more money and more time. 
i will be tackling a Topsy Turvy (mad hatter) cake for Abigails 1st birthday so if i accomplish that and it turns out awesome, i will be doing those cakes as well. 
i can do all sorts of flavors for frosting and fillings. I so far am still just using the boxed cake mixes... i have made a few cakes from scratch, and they are good, but they haven't seem to be as "fluffy" or "moist" as the box ones, im' still on the hunt for a good fluffy/moist cake recipe...
Naturally if you are wanting a "shaped" cake it would be a bit more, due to the carving and designing of the cake. 

Well thats that, i know its completely vague, but i just wanted to put out there, that am "doing" cakes. 

Thanks for reading my horribly jumbled thoughts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Camas Days and Cuddle Bugs

So i guess i should tell you why i am making these.... me and my 2 friends have gotten a booth at camas days (july 23-24th) and we will be selling these, hairbows, hairbow holders and some adorable tutu's. These are also for sale for anybody who would like one, i have tones of patterns to choose from, but they are $12 or 2 for $20. They are great to soothe and comfort your babes, and the tabby edges are good for teething. Plus its just nice because its soooooo soft and comfy.

Cakes Cakes and More Cakes!

My mom and Seth bought me the 1st course of the cake classes taught by Wilton at Michaels Craft stores. There are 4 courses is my 1st cake that i did like the 2nd week of January. 

2nd cake -course 1

3rd cake and the "final" for course 1

I did this cake for seths cousins son, it was his 3rd birthday party. I thought it turned out really cute, because originally i was really intimidated by it.

Here is the Final for course 2, the whole course (the 1st 3 weeks of it) we worked on the flowers and learned how to do all those, and then the 4th class, for the final, we learned how to do the "basket weave" and then we put all our flowers that we made on it. 

Here is a cake i did for seths cousin for her baby shower, and ironically her name was tonya.

This is the 1st cake of course 3, this was the 1st time we got to FINALLY work with fondant, i love how this "package" cake turned out, it was really fun to do

Here is my pride and joy! it was the Final for course 3, we  were supposed to work on the roses on our own for the whole time of the course, but of course the procrastinator that i am, did not do any of them till the day before it was due. BUT i do love how it turned out and it is by far my favorite cake.

This cake is called a "hat" cake because the cake board is covered in fondant. It turned out good, but it was my least favorite one to do, just not my style

This cake was for seths grandpa's 81st birthday. It was a "cowboy" cake.. i have 2 silhouettes of a sleeping cowboy and a horse eating some grass.. this was really fun to do, and it was my 1st time dealing with and making sugar glass candy. That is what the sunset is in the background. 

Here is our final and last cake for the classes.. this was the end of course 4 "fondant and gumpaste".. the flowers are made out of gumpaste. I really LOVE how this cake turned out, but in general it doesn't look like "My style" of cake.. but i love the colors and everything about it. my friend bought this from me. So that was cool to "sell" a cake

here is a smorgeshborg of everything thats been going on!

This is miss Abigail a day after she turned 9 months.. she is crawling now and pulling herself up on everything! it's crazy how fast she is growing and in reality she is almost 10 months and then she will be ONE!! oh my goodness!

Here she is eating her solids for the 1st time.. she did pretty good, i think she accomplished it better than jesse did.. he had it all over the place.

Here we are together in her "6 month" pictures, she was really 7 months though... 

this is her and jesse, he's 2.5 and she's probably like 8 months here.. i just thought it was cute
Here is their easter clothes, for sunday.. They are soo cute, i love them soo much! he's such a good big brother and very nuturing when he wants to be :)

Heres j.lo passed out because he OD'd on lollipops... i thought this was a funny pic.

 This is what jesse woke up to on easter monring.... he got a ZhuZhu pet "winkie" and a "house" for him to play and live in, He LOVES it, so far we have added one more ZhuZhu addidtion, "scoodles"

Here is Jesse and his cousin Aiden and Aidens cousin Milan, they are at my parents neighborhood easter egg hunt, waiting patiently for the HUNT TO BEGIN!!!! 

heres a random pic of me and then "easter bunny" Seth and James, i bought those ears in the $1 bins at Target, but they looked pretty cute in them i thought :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

So here are some new updated pics of the these pictures abigail is 5months. In the picture with her in the black pants she's secretly telling me to leave her alone and stop positioning her how i want her to sit and to stop taking her pictures  :) it's pretty funny. Then we are maybe going to have a doctor in the family. I must say even though i'm his mom.. he looks pretty good in a Mickey surgical mask. The picture with Abigail and Jesse that is their christmas church clothes. When i saw her dress i had to have it. It was a little pricey.. but well look how cute she is in it!! it was well worth the money (by pricey i mean under $25) 

Thats all for now... hopefully i can get every room in the house clean and put up some pics.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

These are pics taken at the "same time" in their lives. This is both their 1st time in the car seat getting taken home from the hospital. I just thought how cute it was... how much they look alike. Jesse (9-7-07)is obviously the only on the right and Abigail (7-2-09) is the one in the skirt :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

We're still here!

Sorry i screwed up the layout but im' not gonna re-do it....
Why hello!!! how are things going with the rest of the world! as for us things are going. We had a baby girl on July 2nd of 09 she weighed in at 8 lbs 12ozs. and like 21 inches. she was a spitting image of her big brother when she was born but now she is a spitting image of her father with a sprinkling of me. Needless to say she's awfully cute. We are still waiting to hear back on 2 houses that we have put offers on. They are short sales so we knew what we were getting into when we put the offers on. Seth is going to be recording tomorrow so hopefully we'll get a step closer to a finished CD. Jesse is adapting very well to being a big brother he loves Abilgail alot. He gets a little rough with her sometimes but i think he realizes she's here to stay. I'm doing good nothing too fancy to write about. I've engulfed myself back in the Twilight fad. I started re-reading the series again cause the 2nd movie will be coming out soon. Other than that we're just chugging along. i have a few pics on my moms computer that i will post up. They are pictures from her blessing of her and jess and the fam. her blessing was on Sept. 6th and Seth blessed her. He did an awsome job and i was really proud of him.